Welcome to SJ Capital Management LLC. We are a fee only Registered Investment Advisor registered in the States of New Jersey and Maryland. We are headquartered in Central New Jersey and serve clients across the US in states where we are registered or exempt from registration. At SJ Capital, we make every effort to provide our clients with a platform to preserve, enhance, and accumulate their wealth. We believe this endeavor requires a client-centric approach that aggregates the appropriate professional disciplines to afford each client a comprehensive, customized, and successful wealth management experience. We are not in the business of selling products. In addition, SJ Capital Management is free from proprietary products, conflicts of interest, investment banking relationships, and other questionable business practices. Transparency in our dealings with our clients is paramount to us. We are a fee only advisor which means that the clients know exactly what our services cost to them and, unlike some other advisors; we do not share any commissions from any of the products we recommend for our clients. We also do not take custody of our client assets. You have worked hard and smart to accumulate your wealth. And you expect the same kind of hard work and dedication from your Investment Advisor to preserve and conservatively grow your wealth. We are in the business of helping you realize your financial goals over the long term. SJ Capital Management LLC has been built on the foundation of striving to preserve our clients’ wealth and, accounting for their risk appetite, grow it over it a period of time.

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Today’s investors are seeking to achieve greater “balance” in their portfolio. Over the last few years, market conditions and statistics have them questioning whether or not widely followed investment strategies, such as traditional buy and hold and long only asset allocation that rely on re-balancing, will help them reach their goals.
SJCAPM holds the view that markets are cyclical, and that investors can and should attempt to profit from short-term market trends through the use of tactical strategies and more frequent portfolio reallocation.

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Now more than ever, after more than 20% declines in the equity markets in four out of last 11 years, investors are actively re-evaluating their investment and wealth management providers. Investors are finding that many of the institutions they had long trusted are either in turmoil, or in some cases, no longer in business. The emergence and increasing popularity of independent fee only advisory firms like SJCAPM is likewise providing investors an alternative approach to addressing their increasingly complex investment and financial planning needs.